Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SuperSprint Repair - Pt 2 - Installing a cap kit

With the monitor removed and on the bench, the repairs begin.

Fig 1 - Game disassembly

Diagnostics indicate that the chassis has several problems.  At the least, it needs a new power resistor (R601, 3.3ohm 10 W), horizontal output transistor (HOT - Q352, 2SD870), and "cap kit"

Fig 2- Well Gardner 19K4915 Medium Resolution Chassis

First, we install a "cap kit".  This means that we replace all the electrolytic capacitors that may have dried out with age.  In the pictures below, these are the little black can shaped components

Fig 3 - Getting Started

With the cap kit installed, it's time to double check my work and resolder any connections that look iffy

Figure 2 - Chassis Board solder side.

More parts are on order, so the next steps will have to wait for now.  In our next installment, I'll install a new horizontal output transistor (HOT), power resistor and voltage regulator.

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