Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pole Position and the Gypsy's curse

Atari Pole Position

My pole position is cursed. Not the main board, which oddly never gives me any trouble. It's the damn monitor over and over. When I got it, it was a messed up sync signal. No biggie.

Next during a brief gaming session, I smelled magic smoke. A bundle of wires in the matsushita TM-202G decided to short out. Who at matsushita thought it was a good idea to bundle the neckboard wires with the HV anode lead??

Most recently, a fellow KLOVer (Thanks again!) gave me a K4600 that needed a cap kit. Wheeled it into the shop, cleaned it, capped it, tuned it, and it looks great. Go to bring it back out of the shop, and a when I set it down a distinct delayed thud tells me that I forgot to install the monitor bolts. Crap... I pull off the back to find the neckboard split into two where it hit the cabinet back.

So here I am again with a dead pole position that has seen far more repair time than play time. With any luck, the tube neck isn't cracked, but lucky doesn't describe this machine at all. Anyone know how to remove a curse from an arcade game?

Atari Pole Position - Side View

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